Usually Give to the child opportunity to communicate with books.

Usually the kid does attempts to thumb through them, considers pictures.

Books have to be from a dense cardboard and contain colourful cheerful illustrations.

Speech development To this age of each child it is possible to teach to imitate the sounds made by some animals.

How the doggie barks?

Gav gav.

And how the kitty mews?


And so on.

In the speech of the kid there are simplified lepetny words in which shock syllables of words familiar to the child, for example are used: porridge, пу cabbage.

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It was organized

It was organized Before invasion it prepared a statement on a failure case.

In it, in particular, it was told: If someone has to be blamed for this attempt or for its failure, all responsibility lies only on me.

THE HOPE AFTER ALL IS Not any public manifestation of anger is characterized by violence and inopportuneness.

It is enough to remember society Mothers against Drunk Drivers.

It was organized by mothers who lost the children because of drunk drivers.

Of course, they were angered.

But could not reconcile with tolerance of society in relation to those who takes the wheel of the car in an alcohol intoxication.

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Sometimes At some children certain sounds do not turn out.

Sometimes awkwardness of language or other organ of speech is the reason of it.

Eventually some adults too lisp though in every way try to get rid of this shortcoming.

Sometimes the child mispronounces some word though says the same sounds in other words correctly.

Insignificant lags in development of the speech mean nothing if in other respects the child develops normally if he is cheerful and in his life everything is safe.

It is useful to correct the child in friendly tone from time to time.

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Cysts. Meet

Cysts. Meet At suspicion on the milkwoman immediately show the child to the doctor.

If you cannot go at once to the doctor, give to the child about g of boiled water after feeding.

It is possible to wet in water of vatu and to allow the child to suck.

It will wash his mouth from milk that will deprive a fungus of the milkwoman of a nutrient medium.

Do not confuse pale skin on inside of gums to the milkwoman.


Meet at some newborns on keen edges of gums.

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For its digestive

For its digestive At first the child will drink not enough milk, there can be only g.

Do not force it to drink more and do not worry.

In days or in weeks he will be able to drink more.

For its digestive system it is better to begin gradually.

He will establish the norm, having recovered in some days after the birth see sections , , .

How to warm up and milk from a pacifier.

Having got a small bottle from the refrigerator, its vzboltayta that cream mixed up with milk.

Warm up a small bottle with milk in warm water to body temperature.

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